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Over Clean

 Over Clean®  is an innovative device which enables you to organize the controls in the toilets, to check the state of cleanliness and to ensure the clients’ satisfaction. You can also print a daily, weekly or monthly report.

 Putting into use 
 When Over Clean® is turned on, the display of hours and minutes passes. For example, if you choose the control every 20 minutes, the main display will blink.
The badge enables you to reset the main display. The time spent is memorized on the second display.

Possibility to add from 1 to 4 reset boxes working on the same display. According to the disposition of the building, this allows you to put one in each men or women toilet on the ground floor, and to do the same on the first floor.

 The + of Over Clean ® 
  • Easy to install and use. Fast installation in every type of buildings.
  • Double display with time history.
  • Wireless communication between the boxes (distance 100 meters).
  • Over Clean® can be modified if the client asks, at the level of time between each control, but also for the personalisation of the front face.