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dyson® airbladeMk2 The fastest, most hygienic hand dryer.
Equipped with the latest Dyson digital motor
"It took us seven years to get there but we managed to revolutionize the design of the engine and get a smaller engine 1600 W fully integrated world. This was the starting point of our latest technology drying hands."

James Dyson
 The hand dryer the fastest 10 sec 
Designed to be the fastest. The Airblade ™ technology, combined with the latest Dyson digital motor generates high-speed air curtains, sweeping the water on both sides of the hands simultaneously. With drying in 10 seconds is the fastest method.
 The most hygienic hand dryer 

The Dyson Airblade MK2 hand dryer dries hands in just 10 seconds. It’s the fastest hand dryer. To this is added a non-contact operation, a HEPA filter and a permanent antimicrobial coating that destroys up to 99.9% of surface bacteria. HACCP certified for use in food preparation environments.
 Low cost of operation 

The operating costs of hand dryers Dyson Airblade™ are up to 69% lower than other hand dryers and 97% lower than paper towels.
 Test. Test. Test. 
The Dyson AirbladeMK2 hand dryer is built to last. Its durability and resistance to physical and chemical constraints have been repeated tests. The Dyson AirbladeMK2 hand dryer has also been tested in real conditions to ensure durability under heavy use.
Robust and made ​​from durable materials, the hand dryer Dyson AirbladeMK2 building suitable for intensive use in busy health at risk of vandalism. And thanks to its air curtains filtered powered to 690 km / h for dry hands, it uses no heater to wear out or fail.
 The technical characteristics 
• Mains voltage / frequency: 220-253 V / 50 Hz
• Power: 1600 W
• Engine Type: Dyson digital motor, brushless DC
• Switching frequency of the engine: 6000 per second
• Motor speed: 90,000 rev / min
• Operating Temperature: 0 ° - 40 ° C
• Resistance: none
• Energy consumption per dry: less than 0.5 W

ABS polycarbonate shell
• Type of antimicrobial coating: Antibacterial additive molded into the faceplate and the blades.
• Rate of bacterial reduction on the external surfaces up to 99.9% over 24 hours
• Finish: Black or White
• Value reflectance of light: 28.3 (gray) 77.4 (white)
• Back of the unit and bracket galvanized steel
• Screw type external: vandal M6
• Protection against water projected from a nozzle - Index IPX5
• HEPA filter (fiberglass and pre-layer of felt)
• Remove 99.9% of bacteria

• Activation by infrared detection, without contact with the unit
• Measurement of drying time: 10 seconds.
(Measurement based on the P335 protocol of the National Sanitation Foundation)
• Time before automatic shutdown 30 seconds
• Air speed: 690 km / h
• Airflow: up to 30 l / s

• Prefix Serial Number: Grey AM3, AM4 White
• Reference: 25729-01 Grey, White 25918-01
• Net weight: 8.2 kg
• Weight: 11.2 kg
• Shipping Dimensions: H 735 x W 359 x D 304 mm
• Barcode unit: Gray 5025 1550 1520 9, 5025 White 1550 1558 2

• 5 year parts, 1 year labor