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Food recycling

Over One® proposes solutions for the recycling of peelings and food left-overs thanks to a full range of machines.
 Food recycling 
We are persuaded that the peelings and food left-overs must be eliminated on site.
With our idea and concept, we propose an ecological solution for the producer of damp organic wastes.
Thanks to our full range of recycling devices, the producer of wastes can collect a component which can get back 100% into the nature.
 Your advantages 

 1   No licence fee for the treatment of the wastes
Instead of high licence fees for the transport and the evacuation of the peelings and food left-overs, you only pay, in addition to the purchase of the machine, the energy costs. These ones depend on the humidity rate and the local price of the electricity. In function of the savings and the costs of the waste treatments, the machine may be paid off within 3-5 year.
 2   Advantageous energy assessment
The immediate drying on site enables an 80%-decrease of the volume of transport, so an advantageous energy saving. In the other hand, the final product shouldn’t be cooled and the transport costs of the container decrease and the energetic assessment is better.
 3   Better hygiene
Germs and bacteria can’t be transmitted because there is no transport and the exchanges of containers are not necessary anymore which improve the hygiene. This is really important for the hospital, medical and health places and companies with industrial kitchens.
 4   Small place needed
The place of the machines requires only few squared meters and as the humid wastes are immediately treated, they don’t need some place for the storage. The weight and the volume of the final product are only 20-30% of the original material.

 5  Value recovery
The elements of value included in the humid wastes are not burnt, but they are collected and judiciously recycled. The final product is sterile, low in smelling and may be used as a fertilizer.
 6  Ecological participation
The topic about the environment protection become more and more important. The raw materials decrease, the prices increase. The respect and the protection of the nature have become inseparable. Thanks to its recycling concept Over One®,the value resources, with a reduced effort, get back to the nature. With its concept, the system Over One® participates to an ecological, social and constructive recycling.
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