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Over pump

Over One, cold oils pumping system
 Operating principle 

The OVER ONE®, cold oils system enables you to transfer the used food oils safely, in a fast and clean way.

We participate to the improvement of the working conditions, the security of the workers, respecting strict standards of hygiene and for the sake of the environment protection.


 The Over Pump® system includes: 

  • A Over Pump® 60 Litres which sucks the oil in the fryer directly manually.

  • tube 2 meters, allowing the connection between Over Pump® and the tank.

  • An autonomous tank of 2000 liters, equipped with a Over Pump® 220 v and a control box.

  • An automatic system for preheating the oil to make the oil fluid for the winter periods when the vacuum and the collector tank.
 Putting into use: 
  • Connect the plug on a conventional 220 V socket.
  • Pump oils cold fryer with the Over Pump®.
  • Present Over Pump® to the tank.
  • Connect the connecting tube.
  • Starting the system.
  The + of Over Pump®
  • Simple to install and use.
  • Economic.
  • Multi-level security:
- Drain the fryer itself
(no oil on the ground).
- Security personnel by pumping cold.
  • Saves time.
  • Working comfort.
Télecharger la fiche de présentation de l’Over Pump®
Télecharger la plaquette de présentation de l’Over Pump®