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Over time

Over Time® time management.
Timer to control the use by date of your products.
 Operating principle 

The clock is a time base with two displays offset by 10 minutes.
A power display 02 is visible side kitchen, on the counter next to her display shows 12.
The display is made ​​1 to 12 times with a flashing sequence or fixed every 2 MN 30.
 Putting into use 

A power display 02 is visible kitchen side to side when the counter shows him 12 display.
Kitchen side display shows 02 sets, there must be a metal timer 2 BLACK.
Side bar as the figure is less than 02 products have fixed within 10 minutes of the falls.

 In brief  
  • The figure is flashing and the red LED is illuminated when you turn a RED TIMER
  • The figure is fixed and the red LED is off when you turn a TIMER BLACK

  • Plug the transformer into a 220V outlet.
  • The Over Time ® can be fixed suspended or floor mounted figures are positioned correctly.
  • In the box: 1 box Over Time ® / 3 screws / 1 transformer / 1 explanatory note.
  • 12 month warranty.
Over Time